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7 SEO Factors To Improve Your Google Ranking In 2023

7 seo tips to rank in google

7 SEO Factors To Improve Your Google Ranking In 2023

Google is constantly changing their algorithms in order to provide the most organic, relevant results.

This means websites with bad SEO and deceptive content can expect to fall down to the lowest rungs on the scale, favored over websites focusing on good quality content, organic SEO, as well as design and usability that are user-friendly.

Want to get your website to rank higher on the Google rankings?

Read on to learn how to boost Google rankings in 2023.

A good base is crucial to get the first place on the Google rankings, as it is where you can optimize both your on-page SEO as well as off-page SEO issues. Make sure that you have a solid site structure, a fast loading speed, user-friendly layout, and high-quality content. Avoid duplicating, irrelevant content at all costs.

They also help you to attract and keep the audiences you want. There are third-party services available to find which keywords and phrases will help you rank higher on the search engines. Once you know what they are, figure out a way to organically incorporate them into your content.

Anchor text is a solid external link strategy. However, Google keeps an extremely close eye out for the misuse of anchor texts, so be sure to only use keywords in your anchor texts where they are relevant.

Google has also stated they are using the mobile versions for mobile page indexing. All of this means that optimizing for mobile navigation needs to be your first priority if you are looking to increase your total traffic.

Look at the domain age of sites that you are hoping for referrals from. Links from older, established sites will generally be better for your website than those from newer, or less established sites. Work on getting links from authoritative sites, which are more likely to provide a higher boost to you than links from unknown sites.

It also helps if your content is shareable. Opt for videos, blog posts, and eBooks that are going to be helpful for your readers. When readers share your content, it is highly likely they will link back to your website. Sharing your content is another way of getting more eyes on your blog, very similar to the way that backlinks from other websites provide a boost in rankings.

Google is actively working against websites using spammy techniques, meaning that you should focus on building a high-quality site structure and having quality content. Doing the basics right can go a long way in getting a higher ranking in Google, so that you get the necessary exposure to get your business to the next level.

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