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Why Backlink Is So Important In Seo?

Backlinks deliberately placed mid-sentence are important for SEO, as content is influenced by having these links. When people talk about how important backlinks are to SEO, usually what they are talking about is a linkas ability to increase page ranking. While backlinks are important for SEO, they have other benefits besides just improving a pages ranking.
Backlinks are still important to SEO because they are a core element of Googles original PageRank algorithm. Backlinks are important for SEO because they tell Google that another resource finds your content valuable enough to link to within its own content. High-authority backlinks may also make it easier for the search engine to display you in its results, since it is seeing a page with lots of links from other trusted sites.
When a number of websites are linking to the same page, the search engines can guess the content is valuable, and it is worth ranking in a search engine results page (SERP).
While Googles methods for ranking websites has become more complex, links still play an integral role. While links are considered as ranking factors now by Google, the principle has not changed: High-quality links bring healthy traffic to your website.
Now your website is seen as having quality content, and the backlinks help in getting higher rankings in Google too. In fact, our Search Engine Ranking Correlation Study found that the number of sites linking to you (not total number of backlinks) correlated more strongly with ranking in Google than any other factor.

importance of backlinks for seoEven with the thousands of changes that Google has made in the Google ranking algorithm since, backlinks are still the primary signal for rankings, and Google has confirmed backlinks are still one of Googles top 3 search engine ranking factors. In fact, it was confirmed by Google itself as early as 2016, that, along with content, backlinks are one of the two most important signals used in ranking websites. Backlinks are like votes, telling Google a specific site is trustworthy, and that the content on that site is valuable, authoritative, and helpful.

If your website has lots of backlinks that have little to do with the content that they are linking to, Google notices it and ranks you lower. This is the way that Google views backlinks as votes of popularity for a site or web page, and there is a strong correlation between those that have more links linking back to them, and higher rankings from those that have more links linking to them. The more related two websites are, the higher the relevance score for links, and the greater chance for higher rankings in the Google search rankings.
This means Google can feel confident that pages with lots of links are worthy of showing up on top of a search results page. The search engine will take into account the quality of the site content vs. the number of inbound links, so links alone are no guarantee for the top pages on the search engines. One can get better results through inbound links by properly placing links in content of the webpages.

Referred to in SEO as inbound links or outbound links, backlinks are links pointing from one page in a site to one in another. A backlink is placed in a font, the anchor text, or an image, or even your websites URL, providing when clicked, a user is directed to a page on your site. In other words, the backlinks are not placed on your site: they are leading to your site from elsewhere on the Internet.
Two, Backlinks act as a testimonial, or a vote of confidence, for your website, and that boosts credibility. In a noisy competitive landscape, backlinks are the vote of confidence of one site over another, which is a convincing sign of value for Google. Without high-quality backlinks redirecting to your site, you are missing one of the most important factors for rankings, the factor that can demonstrate you are a credible authority in your industry, and therefore deserving of higher rankings for your keywords.

Yes, quality backlinks will help you rank easier than merit alone, but there are things you can do as you start to get links, so you can outrank a site or page with 10x or 100x the number of links that you do. High-authority backlinks do help you get up search engine rankings a little quicker, but what they do not do is help your site stand out against what others are doing. High authority backlinks are ones that come from trusted sources, like a newspaper (Google probably trusts a link from The Guardian) or from a well-known site that has earned credibility.

Low authority backlinks may be from various sites you may not realise are highly page-ranking, like Web 2.0s and forum profiles, and what makes these links so effective is that they transfer very little link juice, meaning that the risk of having them de-indexed is low. When the search engine spots spammy backlinks in your link profile, what it does is devalue the pages from which those links are coming, and what this means for your site is reduced visibility and rankings. Within Search Engine Optimization (SEO), your backlink profile and trustRank are some of the most important factors when it comes to link juice, since link juice is important to the sites link profile.

If Google sees a high-profile site within your industry linking to your content, then Googles going to assume you are high authority too. Just because a authority site in the industry links to your content does not mean that you are going to experience a boost in rankings overnight.
Most people agree that links, content, searcher intent, and the experience of the on-page elements affect rankings. For instance, one industry study we conducted found that links are still the top signal in ranking by Google.

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