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Buy targeted organic traffic visits script software (robot)

MPN: 72413900 $300$550

Keyword Targeted Search Bot is a script for SEO experts who need to have a bot to provide organic traffic visits for multiple projects. This script works like an intelligent robot. It opens google, types your keywords, search for your site up to 10 pages (exceeded to 15 pages), Find your site and click on it, waits some minutes and then visits internal pages to reduce bonus rate.

Just Like a human it searches keywords and clicks on your site to increase your website reputation and rank.
Visit these 2 videos for more info:

Tutorial Video

Working Video

What You Gain:

  1. A private script designed by 724ws team to work with boblosoft software for search keywords in google..
  2. This script is designed by us and not other party and works with bablosoft..
  3. It works like a human and search your keywords on google and click on your site to improve your ranking.
  4. It solves capatcha and recaptcha for you. So your robot won’t stop working when google detect you as robot. (Extra 10$ monthly fee).
  5. Installation on 5 devices.
  6. This price is for 1 month subscription.
  7. email- ticket- online chat and teamviewer support.
  8. Immediate download is available after payment.

What you need:

  1. Atleast 10 dedicated proxy or a powerful VPN to change your Ips every minutes (best one 11$/month)
  2. A windows vps to install the bot. (2 gig ram Is enough)
  3. Captcha solver to prevent interruption. (best one 10$/month)
  4. Download bablosoft and install it on vps. It’s free.

It’s done!!!
You can gain profit and sell targeted organic search traffic visits to your clients now.

Please watch this short video of the performance of this robot: VIDEO

Organic website Targeted Traffic Visits

MPN: 72414300 $150$600

Buy Organic Website Traffic Visits Stands For Traffic Visitors From Search Engines (here google). This type of traffic comes from search Engines (Like Google) by searching your keywords, Find your relevant title and url, Visiting the ordered website, navigate to internal pages… and click on it (visiting several pages).

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Organic Traffic Visitors For Your Website The Fastest and The Safest SEO Service
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Significant Specification:

  1. Your website will rank continuously and smoothly because your site impression will increase by this method.
  2. Users search for your keywords in google and navigate 10 pages to find your site.
  3. Your main (indexed) page will be clicked and visited for 3-6 Minutes.
  4. Organic traffic visits will increase your site CTR (Click Through Rate).
  5. CTR is a number in percent between 1-100%
  6. When your CTR Trends to 100% it means your site title and content are more relevant to keywords from other sites and google will definitely rank your website.
  7. Internal pages will be visited 2-3 Minutes to decrease bounce rate. Low bounce rate means your content is fresh and users remain on your site and navigate page to page.

Limitations Of This Service:

  • Your keywords must be in the first 100 google search results.
  • If Your site is new made and is not indexed in google yet, use naked url+keywords
  • It works with both http and https version.
  • You can have targeted country and city search visits.
  • The number of daily visits depends on your keywords global search.
  • We accept Just 2 keywords with every Order.
  • Send us long tail keywords to rank better.
  • Search is from both Mobile and Desktop devices.

How Can You Trust Us:

  • We are the best seller of the biggest SEO market places. (contact Us To Prove)

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