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Buy EDU-GOV Backlinks + Backlinks From PR9 High Authority Websites

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Purchase EDU Backlinks From High PR Websites. EDU-GOV Links have special effect in ranking and among them PR9 websites are significant in indexing and ranking fast from other websites. We provide 100 High quality PR9 + EDU-GOV backlinks (If you buy 1) to rank your site fast and secure. All links will be indexed with premium indexer.

Please Read Our Terms and Conditions Before Order

Google loves links from Pr9 so if you have 1 backlinks from this page rank it’s better than 1000 links from Pr2-8 and also Statistics says Google gives significant importance to EDU and GOV Links.

We provide you in this service 30-40 Pr9 profile dofollow-nofollow mixed backlinks from the websites like:

  • wordpress
  • foursquare
  • amazon
  • disqus

And 20 EDU-GOV Permanent Profile Backlinks.

What is the significant Advantage of this service?

  • All of them will index with high quality premium indexer.
  • We also sumbit 1000 social bookmarks + Article directory backlinks as layer 2 to make your backlinks more powerful.
  • Attention: This service is done completely manually and takes over 10 days to complete.

What are Educational and Govermental (EDU-GOV) backlinks?

The name of these type of websites clearly explain the power of the backlinks from them. Google care links from edu and gov websites for the hard restrictions on these sites and the requirements they follow to remain authorities. The entities that run these sites are governmental organizations and educational institutions and have a responsibility to provide quality and valuable content to their visitors.

It’s always good for your site seo when an authority websites that are governmental, educational or commercial, links to your site. The keys concepts here are the authority and the relevance, not the domain.


What exactly you receive?

  • 20 dofollow and nofollow baclinks from edu and gov websites.
  • 30 dofollow and nofollow backlinks from websites with Pr9 super high authority websites.
  • Complete report of live links without login credentials.
  • 100% permanent backlinks
  • Bouns links with orders
  • Mix of anchored text and naked url
  • Adults and hack and crack websites are not allowed
  • Gambling and casino websites are welcome to order.

What we need to start your order:

  • We need your site Url and 1-10 keywords.
  • If you like you can have your own title and content (optional)

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How Can You Trust Us:

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