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SEO Techniques How to create an SEO optimized post

SEO Techniques And Tricks That Works In 2021

Create your post with relevant subject, fresh and at least 600 characters.

Here I want to learn you in an easy understanding way to optimize your website step by step. In this part you need to create a fresh post and repeat your main keyword MAX 20 times.

Your headline tag is better to be H3 and your content without any H tag or in some parts use H4 for subtitles.seo techniques

Choose your MAIN keyword and put in in the page Title and URL. It’s important to use your keyword at the beginning of the title and URL but if it makes the title meaning less, ignore it and just use in it any where in URL or Title.

How To Optimize Your Post Images

Another SEO Techniques is optimizing images in your post.

It’s an important on-page SEO Factor to put at least one image in your post. Use a high quality image and fill the ALT and TITLE of your image using your keyword in them.

It’s better to start both attributes sentences with your main keyword, but if you prefer to use it in the middle of the sentence there is no limitation.

Put Links in Your Post

One or two external links is enough to make your on-page SEO better. Try to link famous websites which are relevant to your niche keyword. Also put one or more internal links in your post.

Pay attention both internal and external links are necessary for your site and are important SEO Technique. SEO Techniques are easy if you list them and perform one by one as I describe here.

Create Table Of Content

Another SEO Techniques (on-page seo) in 2021 is creating a table of content. If you website platform is wordpress then the work will be very easy just use it’s plugin. I put the download link for this plugin here.

Working with this SEO table of content is very easy and have very simple options to set up a table of content for posts, pages, products…. Try it and enjoy increasing your SEO.

Redirect Your 404 Not Found Pages

One of the most regular problems for SEO experts is removing 404 not found errors in their website. There are plenty of plugins for wordpress websites to 301 redirect deleted pages. You can also use some simple codes in htaccess if you don’t like to use plugin.

I recommend always use premium plugins and don’t use free versions for more functionality and safety. Free plugins are accessible by all hackers too.

H tags in SEO Techniques

Using one H! as your page title is enough to say search engines what is your page about. in content you can use H2,H3,H4 as many times as you feel there is a need.

If you are using table of content plugin you will visibly see the way of using tags in your content to increase your on-page SEO.

Use a cheap and quality CDN

Another SEO Techniques is optimizing page speed. For this propose you can use some working caching plugins containing CDN inside. Page speed optimizing is important for SEO.

Use Main Keyword At The Beginning Of Your Content

SEO Techniques are very easy and classified, If you are eager to work as an SEO Expert you just need to write down these tips and tricks ans use them for all your SEO project and see how your keywords rank in Google and other search engines.

Put your main keyword at the beginning of your content to help search engines to find your content subject better.

Density Of Keywords In Your Post

It’s proved that using 3% of keywords (key phrase) in a 600 Words Article is enough to Show Search Engines What Is Your Article About. 3% of 200 words equals 18.

In Our SEO Services we repeat 18-20 Times A Keyword. All SEO Techniques here are based on Experience and will work.