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724ws team are always working on backlinks packages to addapt with google algorithm and it's updates. We do our best to have satisfied clients and we succeed because our clients are always re order again and again for several years. SEO backlinks packages with great ranking results will make you a permanent client for us.

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We Offer the best and the most powerful backlinks packages. We had worked hard to provide you a reasonable price for each package. Compairing these prices with other competitors will prove our honesty.


High PA DA

PBN Backlinks

One Time

  • $10 For 10 backlinks
  • PA-DA 20 To 40
  • TF-CF 10-20
  • Permanent Fresh Posts
  • Relevant 350 words articles
  • Complete Live backlinks Report
  • Comments closed, Restricted access
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Guaranteed SEO

SEO Services

One Time

  • $1350 for hard keywords
  • Any kind of keywords is accepted
  • Keyword hardnes upto 30
  • CTR improvement results
  • TAT 15-30 working days
  • on-page & off-page SEO
  • Meta tag optimization on landing page
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High Authority

EDU GOV Backlinks

One Time

  • $67 For 100 backlinks
  • 50 EDU-GOV links
  • 50 PR9 backlinks
  • Permanent Fresh Posts
  • Relevant 350 words articles
  • Complete full backlinks Report
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Powerful Backlinks

WEB2.0 Backlinks

One Time

  • $43 for 100 Backlinks
  • Any kind of keywords is accepted
  • High authority websites
  • Fast indexing service
  • TAT 5-7 working days
  • Fresh and copypass relevant articles
  • Complete report of live links
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Recurring questions

724ws Backlinks FAQs

Some of your most frequently questions along with answers. Have other questions? Get in touch.

It's true, don't buy backlinks or your website will be penalised. Try to create backlinks. but how? the only way is to create great posts, articles, products and services, try to make your clients happy with your services and articles and they will recommend you to others. The way to recomment a post or products is to send your post url to others and you get a free backlinks. more recommendation make more backlinks for you and your site will rank more and more. But now the question is what we do? We help you to have fresh articles and show you how to provide services to clients. We help you to create great natural links.

It's approximatly for low copmetitive keywords $1000 for medium competitive keywords $2500 and for high competitive keywords between $3500-$7000 based on our long time SEO experience.

Put your backlinks in a long time frame, Use longtail keywords at first, Backlinks must a mix of dofollow and 10% nofollow and in almost all type of websites like WEB2.0 and EDU-GOV.

Search engines algorithm core counts backlinks to rate websites. Quality backlinks still will rank your website. the number of referring domains is one of Google’s most important ranking factors.

You may have many backlinks from a certain websites, so the number of referring domains is 1 but the number of backlinks is many.

You may have many backlinks from many domains from 1 server, so the number of backlinks from domains is many and the number of referring Ip's is 1.

A natural anchor text distribution like 10% main keyword, 30% branded keyword, 10% generic keywords, 30% nacked url and 20% other keywords will rank your website much more better.

Researches on google first page websites has shown that up to 10% nofollow backlinks and 10% site wide backlinks is an optimized distribution of backlinks.

In just 1 case it will, if you put for instance 1000 backlinks in 1000 pages which are already indexed in google it will be dangerous for your rank, but if you create 1000 NEW page in other websites and put your backlinks on them it would't spam because the pages are not still indexed, they are new and indexing is a time consuming process, it may take 2-3 weeks or more to index and for this reason it's safe for your SEO.

Check your content and landing page. Google Core Update on Dec 2020 focuses on content. Make sure you have relevant, well topic described and fresh content in your landing page. As described in this new core update, pages with low and weak content will lost their ranking though they have many referral quality backlinks.

When we create a new page in web2.0, edu-gov or Private blog networks backlinks for you and put your website or landing page url in it (in fresh posts) or in simple statement create backlinks for you, this new page authority is 1 from 100. This means your page has no referral backlinks and google wouldn't pay more attention as a quality link to it. And the way to increase the PA is ordering second layer of backlinks such as premium social bookmarks, wiki backlinks, forum profile backlinks... pointing to your page. This will increase your page authority and rank after some weeks. For this reason we always recommend link pyramid backlinks as an affective package with good results for your SEO campaigns.

Our SEO experience has revealed that landing page is much better for SEO link building than main page. You need to create a well designed with proper backlinks to other pages and quality content for your landing page in 2021.

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What Are PBN Backlinks?

Private blog networks (PBN) are called to websites with high domain authority most from domains which are expired and create a private website without other people access (comment and posts are closed) for a certain nich like business or art or any other subjects, articles are all fresh and copyscape and outbound links are low. PBN backlinks must be stablished on various hosts with various ips and the theme of each website and design of them must be unique as well. PBN backlinks are always permanent and very good for SEO if you check all important factors befor buying.

What Are WEB2.0 Backlinks?

Websites which it's content is made by users like blogs, free article directories ... are called WEB2.0 websites. These type of websites almost have good daily visits and fast google indexing compatibility. creating web pages is free and for this type of design they have plenty of pages and are a good place to have a backlinks in them. Some WEB2. website admins may do not let users put dofollow links in their post and change it to nofollow or remove it.

What is Link Pyramid?

Group of links set as pyramid as it's name indicates are called link pyramid. Money website is on the top of pyramid, lower layer are always pbn or web2.0 websites linking directly to money website and second layer on the buttom of piramyd are always social bookmarks and forum profile linking to uper layer. This type of creating backlinks is very common these days and have very good ranking results.