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Buy PBN Backlinks (Private Blog Networks)

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Buy PBN Backlinks

PBN Backlinks like other types of links has it’s own specifications which must be highly considered when you decide to use them.

PBN or private blog networks is one of the most demanding backlinks from SEO experts for it’s indexing power.

Besides of it’s powerful ranking effect, PBN links must have these specifications to prevent any spam from search engines:

1- Private blog networks must spread in various servers with different ips.

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2- Unique hand writing posts is the most important factor.

3- Age of domain more than 2 years.

4- Spam score of domains lower than 20

5- Use various TLDs for the network domains.

Considering above factors to create or buying PBN links is the success key to use private blog networks in SEO.

724ws PBN backlinks all have above factors at lowest price.

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Question & Answers about PBN

How can I check index status of PBN backlinks

In order to check index status of your backlinks you need to have an google webmasters account. On that panel you could be able to track all links to your site containing pbn or other backlinks.

How can I have more powerful PBN backlinks?

We recommend to have some backlinks as 2ed layer to your pbn links. By this way your Page authority will increase and your keyword wil rank better.

Why my Page authority is 1?

Every new page (post) in pbn websites has an authority of 1. After some time it will increase but if you need more PA it’s better to order second tier to your pbn posts.


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